Master of Divinity (M.Div)

Accredited by Asia Theological Association (ATA)

Master of Divinity, also termed as MDiv, is known to be one of the first professional degrees in Christian theological and biblical learning. The course curriculum  at Caleb Institute includes subjects related to Christian ministry, theology, missions and Biblical Hermeneutics with contextual emphasis on North India.

MDiv is a 3-year post-graduate course for students seeking to join the pastoral profession. In this course, students study about ministerial skills, theology, history, language, the bible, and thus gain specialized knowledge in the Christian worldview.

Admission to the program is based on the application and the entrance examinations conducted by the academic department. The syllabus of examination mainly consists of English and Knowledge of the Bible. The whole curriculum is divided into three years.

To join the course, students must possess a graduation degree (bachelor degree such as B.A./ B. Sc/ B. Com) from a recognized university (UGC or Equivalent) or a Bachelor of Theology  degree from a recognized institute like Senate of Serampore, Asia Theological Association, etc. with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.

After completion of the course, students get placed in various roles in Chapels, Ministries, schools, hospitals, colleges, etc.

Aims and objectives

  • The Master of Divinity program is designed in such a way that it allows the students to gain both extensive theological knowledge and ministry skills.
  • It also allows the students to do specialization in a theological subject of the students’ choice. The subjects available for specialization are  Theology, Biblical Studies, Practical Theology, Intercultural and Religious Studies.
  • This course fulfils the minimum eligibility criteria that one needs to possess to be able to teach at the Graduate level (Bachelor of Theology).

Course curriculum

  • The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the work of the Christian Ministry through a comprehensive study of the biblical and theological disciplines along with discovering, nurturing and developing themselves to become more effective in the service of the religion and people.
  • It is a multidisciplinary course that involves the study of different languages and history in detail, this makes the student well-versed in many other aspects as well.

Why Pursue a Master of Divinity (MDiv)?

  • The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree, is a qualifying requirement for individuals who are interested in performing the activities related to a Pastoral profession.
  • It is also considered as a professional degree that allows the learner to become ordained to the clergy.
  • People who hold a Master’s degree in Divinity often find themselves working with people for their betterment, hence those who like to work with people for different social causes can join the course.
  • The work profile one gets after Master of Divinity often includes initiating social and cultural activities hence it is an exciting course for people who love to organize social and cultural events.
  • Many students become motivators and speakers after acquiring the degree, those who like to motivate people for their individual good, and the collective good of the society can join the course.
  • The Master of Divinity (MDiv) symbolizes that the holder of the degree has received education in a multidisciplinary area of study, which is an amalgamation of history, culture, language, and theology. This makes one a very good candidate for jobs in those specializations, especially if one adds another field of study to their existing degree, MA in history or language or psychology, etc., for example.
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Duration of the Program: 3 Years

Credits: 127


  • To focus on the Biblical and Theological foundations of Youth Ministry
  • To provide the tools one needs to lead the next generation of Pastors, Youth Leaders, teachers etc.
  • To provide tools to enhance personal and vocational development, personality growth, Church leadership and participation in the nation building

Academic session starts in June.

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MDiv I Year
Course Code Course Title Course Credits (L-T-P)
TCM-330 Spiritual Formation 4 (3-1-0)
HUM-351 English 4 (4-0-0)
HUM-342 Study Methods 4 (4-0-0)
TBS-345 New Testament Greek (Basic) 4 (4-0-0)
TBS-360 Old Testament Introduction 3 (3-0-0)
TBS-365 New Testament Introduction 3 (3-0-0)
TBS-372 Life and Ministry of Jesus 3 (3-0-0)
THM-375 Introduction to Mission 3 (3-0-0)
TBS-400 Pentateuch 3 (3-0-0)
THM-415 History of Christianity 3 (3-0-0)
TBS-423 Elective (Prophets/ Acts of the Apostles) 3 (3-0-0)
THM-425 Biblical Foundation of Mission 3 (3-0-0)
TBS-433 Pauline Epistle 3 (3-0-0)
TTE-446 Scripture Knowledge 2 (0-2-0)
HUM-470 Comprehensive
45 Credits
MDiv II Year
Course Code  Course Title Course Credits (L-T-P)
TBS-500 New Testament Greek (Advanced) 4 (4-0-0)
TTE-510 Contextual Theology 3 (3-0-0)
TTE-517 Systematic Theology I 4 (4-0-0)
TBS-520 Hermeneutics 3 (3-0-0)
TBS-522 Synoptic Gospel 3 (3-0-0)
TCM-530 Biblical Counselling 3 (3-0-0)
THM-535 History of Christianity in India 3 (3-0-0)
THM-538 Evangelism, Church Planting and Church Growth 3 (3-0-0)
TCM-540 Expository Preaching 4 (3-1-0)
TTE-542 Elective (Disability and Spirituality/
Old Testament Theology/
New Testament Theology/
Creation Care in Asia)
3 (3-0-0)
TTE-544 Systematic Theology II 4 (4-0-0)
TRS-545 Johannine Gospel 3 (3-0-0)
TTE-546 Scripture Knowledge 2 (0-2-0)
42 Credits
MDiv III Year
Course Code Course Title Course Credits (L-T-P)
TCM-600 Christian Leadership 3 (3-0-0)
TBS-604 Biblical Hebrew 4 (4-0-0)
TRS-605 Major Religion and Secular Movements 3 (3-0-0)
TTE-608 Indian Christian Theology 3 (3-0-0)
THM-615 Cross Cultural Missions 3 (3-0-0)
TCM-620 Pastoral Care and Counselling 3 (3-0-0)
TTE-624 Church Administration and Management 3 (3-0-0)
TTE-630 Modern Theological Thoughts 4 (3-1-0)
TTE-632 Science and Spirituality 3 (3-0-0)
TTE-635 Christian Ethics 3 (3-0-0)
TCM-638 Communication, Theory and Practice 4 (3-1-0)
TCM-640 Expository Preaching 2 (0-0-4)
TTE-644 Scripture Knowledge 2 (0-2-0)
HUM-645 Comprehensive Exam Non-Credit
TTE-649 Thesis* 9 (0-9-0)
40 Credits
  • Thesis is optional. Interested students may opt for thesis in lieu of three subjects equivalent to 9 credits.
  • Total Credits 127
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To join the course, students must possess a graduation degree (bachelor degree such as B.A./ B. Sc/ B. Com) from a recognized university (UGC or Equivalent) or a Bachelor of Theology  degree from a recognized institute like Senate of Serampore, Asia Theological Association, etc. with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.


REV. DR. RICHARD HOWELLProfessor, Principal
Rev. Dr. Richard Howell is the Principal of Caleb Institute. He is the professor of Systematic Theology and Spirituality
REV. DR. CSR GIERCourse Tutor
Rev. Dr. CSR Gier is the professor of Religion.
MS. JESSICA SAMUELAssociate Lecturer
Ms. Jessica Samuel is the associate professor of Science and Spirituality.

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what students are saying

“I am from Ferozepur, Punjab. I have a passion to do ministry and learn about God’s word. God is my healer, provider and a living God. I am very thankful to God for working miraculously in my life. Now I am doing M.Div and I pray that I will be used for God’s glory.”

RECHAL, MDiv 2022

“One evening, I came across John 15:16, which says ‘You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.’ I pray that God will use me in His service in North India.”


“After studying at Caleb Institute, I now serve in Uttarakhand. Caleb has equipped me to faithfully proclaim God’s Word wherever i preach. Caleb provided ministry exposure which helped me develop for ministry.”