Admission Information​

General Admission Requirements

Candidates who seek admission to the Caleb Institute must:
• have a conscious call of God upon their lives for Christian service.
• be a graduate or its equivalent from a recognized university or institution (B.Th., B.D. and M.Div must be recognized by Asia Theological Association or Senate of Serampore).
• produce their academic certificates / mark-sheets in original.
• have proficiency in the use of the English language.
• have the local pastor’s recommendation.

Students while being enrolled at Caleb Institute are discouraged from pursuing anyother theological/ secular studies.

Application Procedure

A copy of the Prospectus and the application forms are to be obtained from the office of the Registrar on payment of an Application Fee of ₹200.00/- (non-refundable).

Completed application forms should be submitted by 30th April. The following documents are to be attached with the application form:
(Refer to the application form)
• Photocopies of academic certificates/ mark-sheets.
• Two recent passport-size photographs.
• A short testimony of minimum 500 words in candidate’s own handwriting/ typed (for all applicants).
• Two statements (of minimum 500 words each) on reason of pursuing M.Th and how does it help in future ministries (Only for M.Th applicants)
• Medical form filled by certified physician.
• Financial status form.
• Financial guarantee from the sponsor.
• Proof of date of birth (Government Issued ID/ Birth Certificate).
• Recommendation letters from the pastor of the local church of which the candidate is a member.
• For international candidates, copies of proper documents from the Government of India permitting the candidate to study in India.

Submission of the application does not necessarily guarantee admission. Candidates qualifying for admission will be notified to appear for an interview (if required). The qualifying candidates will be intimated by mail and phone call.

Admission Policies

The applicants whose applications are accepted would be notified of the entrance exam schedule and the venue.

The student will be examined in the areas of English, Bible Knowledge, and General Knowledge.

For the M.Th. candidates, there will be exam on their respective departmental

Students from Abroad

Qualified international candidates must have valid student visas, sponsorship, and recommendation letters from the authorized body/ General/ District Council of their respective country.

Provisional Admission

Students under the Provisional Admission are those who have not completed all the formal requirements for the admission, and are admitted in a probationary status. Their records will be reviewed each academic year and they must establish good academic standing. Their admission into a program may be regularized following the completion of the admission requirements. Otherwise, at the end of their studies the students may be awarded a “Certificate of Completion.”

Academic Information

Credit Hours

All students are required to complete a minimum of 90 credit hours for the Master of Divinity and 76 credit hours for the Master of Theology.

Examination and Promotion

There will be final examination at the end of each course/ term. Students must obtain minimum 40% marks in each subject for promotion. Students failing in the Final Grade may apply for Re-take examination upon the approval of the Academic Committee. Stipulated Re-examination Fee should be paid at the office and the examinations should be taken within the stipulated date. There will be a Comprehensive Examination in the final term of the third year for those who have enrolled in the M.Div Program. The areas of examinations are Biblical Studies, Theology and Ethics, Religions, Church History, and Christian Ministry.

Grading System

A+ A A-
B+ B B-
C+ C C-
F (<40%)

Mark Sheet / Transcript of Marks

At the end of each Academic Year students are given their Annual Report Cards which contains academic scores and grades. For Transcripts, graduates are required to submit application to the registrar along with the complete postal address of the institution where the transcripts need to be sent, and the prescribed transcript fee of ₹500.00/-.

If under any circumstance the original transcript is lost, the Institute is not responsible for it. A duplicate copy can be issued by filling a form and submitting it to the registrar with a fee of ₹500.00/-.

Financial Information

Application Fee

One-time, non-refundable, application fee of ₹100.00/- is charged to cover the cost of processing the application and establishing a personal file.

Fee Structure

Admission Fee ——————————₹200.00
Tuition —————————————–₹30,000.00
Affiliation Fee —————————— ₹500 .00
Examination Fee —————————₹500 .00
Transcript Fee ——————————₹100.00
Library & Computer Fees —————-₹1,500.00
Social Activities & Sports —————-₹1,500.00
Mess & Development Charges ———₹30,000.00
Room & Board Excluding Holidays —-₹18,000 .00
Medical (First Aid Only) ——————₹200.00
Stationery ———————————– ₹1500.00
TOTAL —————————————–₹84,000.00

* Annual fee is subject to revision each year before the start of academic session.

* Fee once paid is non-refundable (ConditionsApply).

* Married students’ housing facilities are provided at an additional cost of ₹30,000.00/-, subject to availability.

Scholarship, Student Aid & Work

Students are encouraged to seek sponsorship from their own churches and well wishers. Subject to the availability of funds, the college may offer scholarships based on merit. Students in need of financial assistance for the continuance of their studies in the College should apply to the Admission Committee. Scholarships awarded are for one academic year. Students under scholarship program are required to maintain a minimum of B grade in order to retain scholarship for the following year.

Caleb Institute holds the right to continue or discontinue the scholarships depending on the performance of the student.

All scholarships are partial. Work duties will be assigned to students according to the decisions made by the admissions committee.