Academic Information



Credit Hours

All students are required to complete a minimum of 90 credit hours for the Master of Divinity and 76 credit hours for the Master of Theology. B.Th. graduates joining M.Div program must complete a minimum of 60 credits within two years.


Examination and Promotion

There will be final examination at the end of each course/ term. Students must obtain minimum 40% marks in each subject for promotion.

Students failing in the Final Grade may apply for Re-take examination upon the approval of the Academic Committee. Stipulated Re-examination Fee should be paid at the office and the examinations should be taken within the stipulated date.

There will be a Comprehensive Examination in the final term of the third year for those who have enrolled in the M.Div Program. The areas of examinations are Biblical Studies, Theology and Ethics, Religions, Church History, and Christian Ministry.


Grading System

After the end of every semester, instructors submit grades to the academic office. Grading is based on the evaluation methods posted in the syllabus for each course. The following is the school’s grading scale.



A A-
B+ B B-
C+ C C-
F (<40%)  


The following criteria are used at Caleb Institute in assigning a final grade:


A = Excellent; superior achievement of course objectives

B = Good; commendable achievement of course objectives

C = Satisfactory; acceptable achievement of course objectives

P = Pass; No credit assigned

I = Incomplete; extension granted by the academic dean

F = Failure in the course

W = Withdrawal; official permission granted to withdraw from the course with the approval of the principal.


Academic Integrity

Caleb Institute expects every student to abide by the highest standard of ethics in the completion of all their coursework.

Honesty in written and verbal assignments requires a balance between using words and ideas that are part of the common domain and careful ascription of borrowed ideas and words. Ideas and words of others may be used only with acknowledgment. Failure to do so is plagiarism — academic version of stealing.

The most obvious form of plagiarism is the direct quotation of words without quotation marks and footnote.

Other types of plagiarism consist of paraphrases of another’s words and ideas with no reference to the source.

Academic dishonesty also includes submission of work under one’s own name which is primarily the product of another person’s work, helping another’s dishonesty, cheating on examinations and tests, and giving dishonest information for purpose of gaining admission, credits, etc.

Aiding and assisting in plagiarism will result in the same consequences as determined by the academic office.

All cases of cheating or plagiarism are reported to the Academic Dean for further investigation.



Mark Sheet/ Transcript of Marks

At the end of each Academic Year students are given their Annual Report Cards which contains academic scores and grades. For Transcripts, graduates are required to submit application to the registrar along with the complete postal address of the institution where the transcripts need to be sent, and the prescribed transcript fee of ₹500.00 only.

If under any circumstance the original transcript is lost, the Institute is not responsible for it. A duplicate copy can be issued by filling a form and submitting it to the registrar with a fee of ₹500.00/-.


Accredited by Asia Theological Association (ATA) and South African Theological Seminary (SATS).

  • One evening while reading the Bible, I came across John 15:16, which says 'You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.' I developed the desire to study theology. I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to study at Caleb Institute. I hope and pray that I will be used as God wants.

    Jitendra Kumar Rathor
  • I am from Ferozepur, Punjab. I have a passion to do ministry and learn about God’s word. God is my healer,provider and a living God. I am very thankful to God for working miraculously in my life. Now I am doing M.Div and I pray that I will be used for God’s glory.


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