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Caleb Institute

Driven By Theological and Academic Excellence

We offer doctorate, postgraduate and undergraduate programs accredited by the Senate of Serampore and Asia Theological Association (ATA).


Caleb Institute offers programs in a range of subject areas and can offer blended learning opportunities to best meet your theological learning needs.
Excellent Teaching: Caleb Institute offers excellent course materials for student learning.
Church Focused: Caleb Institute is church focused to develop and equip ministers who excel at serving the church in North India and beyond.
Great Prospects: We network and collaborate with churches, NGO’s, businesses, schools and colleges. This gives students a wide variety of workplaces for doing God’s mission.
Relevance: Caleb Institute is dedicated to train students for Christ centered leadership in culturally diverse mission fields
Belonging: Once you are at Caleb you belong to a loving and caring community.


Caleb Institute is devoted to excellence in theological and intercultural teaching, learning, and research, and developing and equipping leaders who serve the growing church in North India.

  • Missional focus – our students come from North India and beyond to learn the mission of God, and the mission of God’s people.
  • Residential courses – we offer on campus learning for holistic development and preparation for mission field.

  • Its about the people – Caleb Institute offers learning where each student is mentored through the stay on campus.

Caleb Institute offers Learning Management System (LMS) for streamlined learning experience for the students.


To develop and equip Christ centered leaders who excel at serving the Church in India.

A post-graduate theological institution educating and mentoring Christian leaders in formation of Christ-like character, excellence in academics and in effective skills of ministry and mission. This is brought about by offering biblically sound, contextually relevant and culturally sensitive postgraduate degree programs in a caring environment of service, mutuality and discipline.

As a learning community, we are committed to worship, witness and serve the Triune God revealed in Jesus Christ. Since theology is the handmaiden of the Church, we seek to serve the body of Christ by developing and equipping servant leaders, whose passion is Christ-like character, the pursuit of holy living, love, respect and service, and to be faithful stewards of creation. We aim for excellence in all our work with integrity and accountability. We want our graduates to make research and learning a lifelong discipline in the process of making disciples of Lord Jesus Christ.




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