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The need for an Advanced Leadership Institute to equip the growing Church in North India cannot be overemphasized. There is precious little research about the history and growth of the Church in the North, which demands urgent attention.

Leadership development of the followers of Christ in multiple people groups of North India is a critical imperative for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

The Rationale

What would it take to see the growing Church in North India, living and witnessing in the midst of 600 million people, often facing opposition from various quarters, to engage in mission to disciple India?

History and Background

The Evangelical Fellowship of India Secretariat on 4th May 2010 spent a long time, sharing what they discerned God is doing in the nation and how we should respond. We rejoice to see the growing Church all over India. Every member emphasized that equipping leaders of the growing Church with biblical knowledge for effective discipleship and leadership is an urgent and pressing task. It was also pointed that there is a great dearth of material, written from within the context of India. There is a major need to equip Christians in the market place with biblical worldview for witnessing.

The recommendation of the Secretariat was presented to the EFI Executive Committee meeting on 5th May 2010 at Delhi. The executive sympathetically discussed the matter at length, affirming the need to develop such an institution catering in particular to the growing Church in North India.

On the invitation of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, Rev. Dr. Graham Houghton came to Delhi, after completing his glorious innings in establishing SAIACS in Bengaluru, to launch the Institute.

Dr. Graham Houghton completed the process of establishing the Board both in India and overseas, and the momentum to establish the Institute gained speed. On Dr. Houghton’s departure from India, the India Board entrusted the responsibility to Rev. Dr. Richard Howell to start the Institute.

After much prayerful deliberation and faith, classes began on 14th July 2016 at Delhi.